Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome to the Pin It Blog Hop!

Hi There!

Welcome to my day on the Pin Cushion Blog Hop!
Thank you to Madame Samm, Kristen  and our great sponsors for bringing the blog hop together!

I love Bird Brain Designs!
I have these pincushions I made awhile ago, but unfortunately, gave them away!

Picture of BIG Flowers Pin Cushions

And the Always Blooming fabric Madame Samm has from PB Textiles!  Gorgeous!

I had planned a whole bunch of pin cushions, but here is what I made!

I love these mannequin pin cushions! 

I wanted to make a miniature sewing room, with a sewing machine, the mannequins and a sewing chair, but I think way too big!  Family visiting, frequent house showings, pain, all got in my way....

So, without any further ado here are my Gingham Ladies!

Imagine, you are planning a trip to somewhere warm
how about a new bikini?
In Red gingham madame?
with black gingham edging and green flower decorations?

Pincushion blog hop sept 17, 2913 What about a new suit in red and black gingham?

Mais Oui!!


Planning a all night sewing retreat?
Expected dress?
Your best new PJs, Of Course!
How about aqua gingham, with pink gingham and velvet ribbon trims?

Pincushion blog hop sept 17, 2013 How about aqua for new PJ's?

What Else!

I tried to use gingham, there is wool and cotton gingham.  By the time I decided on gingham, I could not buy any where we live!  I went to a flea market, bought a crafted basket made from gingham, came home ripped it apart to get the aqua gingham below!

The stool is made from cotton and wool gingham, and when turned upside down, will also be a thread catcher using the idea Madam Samm had a while ago.  The red gingham cotton is from red bias tape trim, I sewed together!

Here is the schedule to see all the other pincushions today!
So sad, is the last day......

Have a great day!
Take care, Leslie