Monday, January 28, 2013

Design Wall Monday!


My FIRST! Design Wall Monday!  or in my case, my Design Bed!

The fabrics are from Ready Set Snow by Sandy Gervais.  These fabrics are soooo cute!
I bought 3 charm packs after Christmas 2011, slowly worked on making half square triangles toward making pinwheels!  The background is a white, with multicoloured polka dots which match the colours in the blocks!  It is a Blank Fabric, I think it is in a line of childrens fabrics.
I would like to at least get all the flimsy done, ie columns together and an outside border of green like in the corner stones, this week, as we will be leaving on vacation next week!  Only 7 more Work Wake-Ups left!
Linking up with Design Wall Monday.  Lots to see over there!
Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!
Take care, Leslie

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi!    (pictures updated Jan 27th!)
I signed up for Friday Night Sew In and actually was able to finish 2 things!
I set as my 2013 goals, to start the Bee in My Bonnet Row Along!
I had purchased a layer cake of Flirt by Sandy Gervais on Cyber Monday, it seemed to speak to me, it wanted to be this quilt.

My friend Linda and I went to our local quilt shop, Country Cottage Quilts and she helped me pick my background fabric.  I think it is perfect!
(pic coming soon)
Here are my 1st 2 rows!  As I only have a layer cake, I started with the largest blocks, to keep the rows with the smallest pieces for the ends.
What do you think....
I am sorry I did not take more pictures, but I was outside in a t-shirt and did not realize how cold it was!
the row on the right is the Butterflies (without the top and bottom strips) and the left side is the cups, albiet upside down! 
Unfortunately, the background does not show well, it is a paprika coloured batik with small polka dots.  It made the reds in the print fabrics jump right up and say Yes!  I am here! 
You can see all the snow we have!
Have a great week,
Take care, Leslie

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cathching Up! BOM rehab!

Hi there!
Baby, it is cold outside!
Minus 30 celcius which is comparable to -30 F!
Hubby agreed to drive me into work this morning!  Good for me, cause I get to come home in a nice warm car too!
I am in BOM Rehab today, I have not been there for awhile.  Ì`ve been working on the minimal 12 inch block required to be in the Rehab, but had difficulty finishing the block, take a picture, writing a blog post all in time for the Rehab!  But today, I`m doing good!
This is the latest applique block it is 12 inches finished.  I finished a 15.5 inch Texas (or whatever it`s called!) block, you saw a picture of it in my last posting.
So, what do you think.....
(I guess I could have ironed it!)

For more  beautiful Just Takes 2 quilts, here are MORE Just Takes 2 quilt tops.... Ellie in Australia, at the Village quilters blog, sent me these pics of her top and a coworker!  You may have to scroll down if this links you to a newer blog post.
A bit of a rant....
I feel forced to go to Picasa, it is that or no pictures with my posts, makes for a dull girl....
so, to give in, I tried to download Picasa as a gadget. to make it easier to find my pictures, blogger disabled!  I downloaded the picture to Picasa 3 times.  I couldn`t add it to other pictures to have them all the same date, had to do it`s own.  So, why is it Blogger forced us to Picasa to be able to post our pictures on our blogs and then we can`t use a gadget to make a quick link, to post a picture on our blog.....

For me, time is just plugging along, only 12 more work wake ups and then we go on vacation!
Have a wonderful day!
take care, Leslie

Friday, January 11, 2013

Just Takes 2 quilt! ... progress

Hi!  I just saw these pictures of a completed top for the Just Takes 2 quilt!
It is beautiful and sooooo inspiring! 

Lori at Humble Quilts  Please go and have a look, I will wait for you to come back...

Here are a few pictures of the blocks I have done, mine need to be connected together, but there are some big applique blocks that need to be done to get it all together, I have to finish this quilt!

If you would like to look at more of these quilts, with a new cuppa, click on this link ...
MORE Just Takes 2 quilts..

me, I am drooling! LOL!

Here are some recent blocks I have finished, plus the top half of the quilt done

I was going to work on some new things and some UFOs, but I need to get this done!

Here I am completed addicted and compelled to finish this quilt all over again!
Take care, Leslie

Monday, January 7, 2013

2 great link ups! Valentine Swap and Canadian Travelling Stash

Yes, I signed up for this swap....
Sandy at Cookies and Cream craft shop in Australia has planned another great blog swap!
I participated with her on the Zippy Bag swap and she was great to work with.

But the good news is I already have the perfect project, I just need to quilt it and wait for my partner!
So, finish a UFO and gift it to a wonderful person!
I am excited!
You can click on the link above to sign up before Jan 10, and mail out to be received by Feb 14.
For me, I will be on vacation by then, so another win-win!

Big Drum Roll ........

Maria at Clothes and Craft blog and I have started an all Canadian Travelling Stash Treasure Chest!  She has it now and has added some great stuff.  You just have to live in Canada and go over and see Maria to leave a comment for a chance to win! 

I was jealous of all the great stuff in the treasures now roaming the USA, but could not participate because I live in Canada.  So I decided to gather up what I would like to give away and Maria was the 1st to be intersted!

I put in lots of fabric, notions to make a bag, some patterns, some gifts for Quilters....
I am going to jump over to see what is new!  See you there!
Take care, Leslie

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Confession Time!

Yes, I am confessing, I guess part of coming clean, starting anew....
1.  I am addicted to my Just Takes 2 quilt.  I am up to block 60ish.  I keep putting it away, then finding pages I have out to cut fabrics for a new block, or fabrics to cut up for a new block....
2.  I started a Pinwheel Christmas quilt with Get Ready Snow charm packs, I have all the blocks made, I just have to lay them out, get the sashing on and get it together
3.  I have a few blocks of this Vintage Sampler flower quilt by Reese at Morning Glory Designs Reese, I really like it, have a box of fabrics all ready to go.  These are Jenny Beyer left overs, I want to use.  I guess I have to get these kitted up
4.  Finish my Cottage Quilt blocks and quilt by Shabby Fabrics Quilt shop.  I have about 5 blocks done.  These are all hand applique.  With all my other applique projects, I know, I know ...
5.  I also have to get going on a sew along project with my friend Linda.  She has about half of her square in a square blocks done.  I have my fabrics picked, in a container and started cutting the other night.
6.  I have to get started on this... Benjamin Franklin by Erik Homemade eZine
I have all the fabrics, new American Banner Rose fabric by Minick and Simpson
7.  Of course, I want to work on this, I have some layer cakes I bought during Cyber Monday sales
Lori Holt Bee In My Bonnet Row Along
8. Kaaren at the Painted Quilt tells us her Quilting Guild is doing a Mystery Quilt.  Darlene has designed this quilt, you can read about it HERE .
9.  This new BOM sounds interesting too, you make 10 different blocks, but 2 at a time .... You can click on the link below for more info

10.  I also found out about this BOM from Sulky, My Sewing Room

I am definately doing this one!

11.  If  you are still holding out and able to resist starting a new BOM, Michele at Quilting Tutorials blog Michele at Quilting Tutorials blog is building a list of new BOMs, I will be watching for more to share!
Talk with you soon, I have so much to get organized!
Take care, Leslie

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!
I borrowed this from Susan Branch , she has a lovely post on her blog....
I love all her writings and designs, I think this is great to start 2013 with, she even has some pretty music embedded in her post.  (go ahead, I can wait for you to come back)

For me, 2013 will bring lots of changes, and most of them are not clear to me yet ...
hopefully changes with work, waiting for the pension plan to fall into place first,
a move,
changes with our children
hopefully all positive!
So, if I picked a word, it would be Changes!
So, as usual, we are off and running!
Enjoy your life, life is way too short!
Take care, Leslie