Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome to the Pin It Blog Hop!

Hi There!

Welcome to my day on the Pin Cushion Blog Hop!
Thank you to Madame Samm, Kristen  and our great sponsors for bringing the blog hop together!

I love Bird Brain Designs!
I have these pincushions I made awhile ago, but unfortunately, gave them away!

Picture of BIG Flowers Pin Cushions

And the Always Blooming fabric Madame Samm has from PB Textiles!  Gorgeous!

I had planned a whole bunch of pin cushions, but here is what I made!

I love these mannequin pin cushions! 

I wanted to make a miniature sewing room, with a sewing machine, the mannequins and a sewing chair, but I think way too big!  Family visiting, frequent house showings, pain, all got in my way....

So, without any further ado here are my Gingham Ladies!

Imagine, you are planning a trip to somewhere warm
how about a new bikini?
In Red gingham madame?
with black gingham edging and green flower decorations?

Pincushion blog hop sept 17, 2913 What about a new suit in red and black gingham?

Mais Oui!!


Planning a all night sewing retreat?
Expected dress?
Your best new PJs, Of Course!
How about aqua gingham, with pink gingham and velvet ribbon trims?

Pincushion blog hop sept 17, 2013 How about aqua for new PJ's?

What Else!

I tried to use gingham, there is wool and cotton gingham.  By the time I decided on gingham, I could not buy any where we live!  I went to a flea market, bought a crafted basket made from gingham, came home ripped it apart to get the aqua gingham below!

The stool is made from cotton and wool gingham, and when turned upside down, will also be a thread catcher using the idea Madam Samm had a while ago.  The red gingham cotton is from red bias tape trim, I sewed together!

Here is the schedule to see all the other pincushions today!
So sad, is the last day......

Have a great day!
Take care, Leslie


Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Brief Goodbye...

Hi there!
I will be suspending my blog for awhile...
1. Goggle Reader is gone, and I do not whatnot to go with some of the other Readers as I do not want to use anything associated with Facebook.  I just don't like it, I guess trust it would be the right word...
2.  I am having surgery in less than 2 weeks and my activities, including sewing, for awhile.
3.  I do not have much to show right now with house selling, cleaning, etc
4.  I am getting spam comments, so I want to stop that too!
I tried and tried to upload some clip art, but the IPad can't seem to do it...
I will be watching from afar....
Yes, I will be back when I can, if there is any news!
I will miss you lots,
Take care, Leslie

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Tammy Bag, My Turn! Two Bags of Gold!

Good Morning!
Welcome to Day 2 on the Tammy Bag Blog Hop!
Samm, this is such a wonderful pattern, thank you so much for letting me participate!
When I saw Samm's posting about why she designed the bag, to find her scissors, of course, and then the pictures, why I had to make one too!  When you sew and quilt, including hand sewing, for me, needleturn applique, a Tammy Bag is a must have accessory!
So, I purchased 2 handle sets from The Bag Lady, or Man, in my case, that is whom I spoke with to ensure I was getting the correct set of handles.  Then I started one bag, and decided, well of course, I needed to make 2!  My favorite things about the bags are their size, very easy to put into a tote bag, take into the car and the easy to access pockets, both inside and out!
While in the San Francisco area a few years ago, I found a set of half yard bundles, in a very pretty yellow, gold, peach colour grouping, and when I was looking through my stash for the right fabrics to match my gold coloured handles, I knew I had the right grouping.
So, without any further ado, here are my 2 bags!  Yes, my photography skills are terrible!
You will notice one is a little different from the other. 
This is the first one I made.  I had a lot of pulling and tugging to get the rounded edge into the square handle.  So I thought, with the next one, I would adjust the top edge to avoid the rounded edge into the square handle.  I know, sounds a lot like a round peg into a square hole!
Today, when I was looking at the other bags and postings, I realize I must have purchased the wrong handles!  Everyone else seemed to have the rounded handle, not the square ones like I have.  Oh, well, I think they look great!
They hold so much too!  For me, 2 sets of applique projects.
I added white, thin ric rac and a large gold button to match, to attach my scissors to, as Samm gives this as an option in her pattern for purchase.  I'm not sure if you can see the scissors in the front pocket.  You will also notice the upper edges attached into the handles seems to stand up straight.  I altered the pattern by adding these pieces so they would fit easily into the square handle frame, but unfortunately now, it is harder to get into the bag, despite the generous opening Samm designed into the pattern.  As well, this bag is made with a firmer fusible interfacing, so it helps it to stand up more.
This one also has an applique project, a needle case, some thread and my camera!
This is the first bag I made and doesn't have the lace on the outside pocket, and the pockets are a little different on the inside.  This one is made with the fusible fleece, so I think that is why it is softer. 
 This one has a small cushion I use to wrap up my applique background, prevents wrinkling and a fold.  You can see my project. it is approximately 18 x 24 inches, plus my thread.  I made a small ruffle with some hemming lace (I used this stuff when I was making my own clothes, for my hems, so they laid flat and protected the unfinished edge).   My scissors are in the outside pocket, again attached to the thin white ric rac and the large gold button!
Hey, I have 2 bags of Gold! 
Yesterday, there were several clever ladies who made matching needle cases, pin cushions, small bags for change, an electronic gadget case, etc.  I will see what I can put together from my leftover fabrics and add to the bag later!
Sorry, no giveaway this time around. 
This is the list of the other Tammy Bags for today! 
Be sure to drop by and say Hi!

Les (Yup, that's me!)

Have a great day!  Take care, Leslie

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Winners of Say It With Flowers! mug mats

Good Morning!

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes, I had a wonderful day at home!

I selected the winners on Monday evening.

Elizabeth Coughlin of Elizabeth Coughlin Designs.  She offered a really cute flower pincushion, what a wonderful prize! 
And Carol of Just Sew Quilter.  Carol, I left a comment on your blog as you are a no reply blogger!

Have a great week!
Take care, Leslie

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Say It With Flowers,on My Birthday!

Hello!  Happy Birthday To Me!
It is my day on this great Blog Hop!  Aren't all the spring flowers we are seeing on this blog hop lovely? For us, because our spring has been soooo late, our trees are just finishing getting their leaves. 

I see some people are showing past projects with flowers, I have just one to show you.

I made this quilt awhile ago, it is made with a jelly roll into strip sets, then the strip cut into blocks and laid in this pattern.  It is sitting on a blow-up bed, in what was my sewing room and is now our 4th bedroom in our home.  I thought if I dismantled my sewing room, it would help with selling.  I had shelving with my plastic containers on them in the same space as the bed takes up!

So, I was making these for the April Showers blog hop when this blog hop was announced.  To me, my project looked like and evening, or early morning flower garden. 

The Dresden petals remind me of the setting or rising sun!  I machine appliqued and quilted with a rayon yellow thread, using machine blanket stitching.  The fabrics are by Tula Pink from a few years ago.  The white fabric I used in my borders and the black background fabrics have some of the flowers laminated and there is lots of glitter on them to make the flowers gleam in the moonlight!

Yes, there are 2 mug mats, leave me a comment and I will draw 2 winner!
(I am sorry for these blurry pictures, they looked ok before I posted them!)

Please stop by today and see all these wonderful projects
May 31st
Les Quilts  That would be me!

A very special thank you to Madamme Samm and Carol our hostess for looking after us this time!

Have a wonderful day, the weekend is here!
Take care, Leslie

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Finishes!

I'm going to milk this for all the link up's I can LOL
I haven't been posting much, I have lots of good reasons....
as you know, we are selling our home, so getting it ready and keeping it ready for showings, as you know, is a full time job.
I have my own full time job, which is almost 1.25 full time jobs....
Then, I have my neck and arm pain, that is about a half-time job to control....
then, with my want to keep the men in our home organized, need I say more.
Then, what is left, is my sewing slash quilting time, not much time left over is there?

So, I have been busy over the past few months sewing.  I redecorated our bedroom for showings.

We have this summer weight quilt I made a few years ago, called Marriage.  A little bit of both our favourite colours, hence the name.

 I had 4 blocks and some fabric left over (yes, I guess they are scraps...), I have been wanting to make shams for our bed for at least 2 years.  Guess, what, I got them done!

Next, I wanted to change out the drapes and curtain valance on the window over our bed. 

Boy, in  a small town, it sure is difficult a challenge to find some drapes to fit the rod, in the right size, in the right colour at the right price!
I had to think about a valance for over the bed to match the drapes....
eventually, I arrived at Plan D, I had a shower curtain panel in the right colour.  It may have been in the back of the Linen Closet, I think.  So, I had to cut that up, sew it together in a wide width.  Of course, it was tooooo long.  So, back to the drawing board, I decided to just cut off the bottom, to the right length, sew a simple hem.

I found a set of brocade drapes on clearance, of course not enough to cover the entire width of the garden doors.  So I found some lace panels, again not wide enough either. 

But I had a brain wave, to sew them together, lace panels to the middle.  After taking all the headers apart, sewing the lace to the brocade panels (unsewing one set as they didn't go together correctly... shesh...), then sewing the rod pocket gussets at the same height. 

Then, I realized, the lace panels wouldn't have any backing on them and it would be difficult to sleep in on the weekend....
So, I found a number of shower curtain panels, all the same, for $1 each at a clearance sale!
I sewed them together, and then to the back of the drapes below the casement seam line.

(I guess I couldn't get a picture of the drapes together, due to the direction of the sun coming thru the windows!)

I think I finished all these the night before our 1st Open House.

So, to say the least, with sewing for blog hops, etc, this all took me about 2 months to finish!!!!
Yahoo!  Three Cheers, and all that!

I think they all look pretty nice.  Not modern, not the newest colours, but traditional. yes, probably conservative too, but so is the budget.

In the past 2 days, I have dismantled my sewing room, turned it back into a bedroom, all but the sewing machine and table.  Thank goodness, I was using 2 sets of drawer chests to keep my stuff in, at least I don't have to change that up!  Pictures to come after I cover some cushions for the bed.

So, I will be linking up all week with this post.
I will be relaxing this May long weekend in Canada, raining all weekend, so no gardening or playing in the flower beds.
PS:  I'll  be doing lots of link ups this week, starting with Show and Tell Tuesday with Randi .

Have a great week,
Take care,

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's For The Birds! Welcome to my Day!

Happy Birthday Linda!
Welcome to my day!  Well, as usual, I had all kinds of ideas, but none seemed to be right.
Then, I found a pattern on Moda Bakeshop, and a few ideas came together.
But a story first.  A long time ago, I bought a fat quarter set and a panel of ladies going to a quilt retreat.  I'm sure you have seen it.  A short time later, our guild had a mini sale and swap, with the proceeds going to the guild and I donated the same fat quarter package.  My friend Linda was just learning to quilt, Moi being her tutor, and I suggested she should buy the package for a minimal amount.  Of course she did!  She asked what she could make with it, and I replied whatever she would like.  In a quilting magazine, she found a pattern for a curtain for over the window in her quilting room.  It turned out so cute and she did an amazing job!
If you click on the picture, you can see the cute pictures of all the quilters!
So, when I found Crystal Hendrix's this pattern at Moda Bakeshop, I had a plan!
You see, Linda loves birds!  All birds!
I asked her if she had any bright fabric scraps left, like she used for her window topper.  She included some  blocks from the panels too!
Unfortunately, this isn't finished, but I think you will get the idea.
I apologize to everyone, but I had a busy week this week and did my best.
So I made 6 birds, like in Crystal's pattern, 3 black, 3 green and 3 orange. 
Two of each.  Lots of piecing in those birds!  They are 8.5 inches unfinished.

You will also see a panel block
So, there are birds above and below the panel block
It's a sewing machine cover!  Or will be....
So far it is 22 x 26 inches. 
There are more panel blocks and fabrics, I could put on the reverse side,
Linda can make the next few sets of decisions and then yes, I will finish it.
The yellow isn't sooo bright, but the lighting late last night at 11 pm, it is, what it is!
Linda's birthday is next week, but she will be away,  so here is an early birthday present!
Sorry for the funny stories Linda, but I wanted it to be a surprise!
Many thanks to Mary and Samm for your ideas and coaching!
Here are some of my friends for today's postings!
Enjoy the blog hop!
Take care, Leslie

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday!

As a Hexie Flower girl, I found Grit's blog by accident!

Look at Look at What Grit Has Done!What She Has Done!

Holy Hexagon Batman!
I think I could manage the centre round medallion with the hexies
I have and some fabrics to add, but not the whole thing!
Grit estimates 10,000 hexagons in this quilt to date!

I'm working away at painting and making new curtains for our bedroom...
I've started sewing my contrast end to the strips on this quilt....

Have a wonderful Day!  (as I write this, yes, the air is WHITE!  you know with what...)
Take care, Leslie

Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Showers Mug Rug Winners!

Sorry to be so slow with this announcement, but we had some unexpected company on the evening I was going to post the winners, then I lost my notes (no the dog didn't eat my homework! LOL!)

So, I decided to give both of the mug rugs away to .....

Kristen Loves Fabric
Stitches and etc

I will be emailing you ladies for your snail mail!

My weekend will be filled with some painting.  I haven't done any sewing all week!  Wish me luck this weekend.
Talk with you in a few days

Take care, Leslie

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday 1!

Good Morning!

I've been good.  I THINK I don't really have scraps, I have a stash.
I THINK guess I use up my scraps as I go.  Or maybe I discard larger pieces than others would.  I usually discard pieces of fabric under 1.5 inch strips.  I THINK I'm not a person who would make 1.5 or 2 inch squares just because I could.  I find, thread is expensive and I like to move onto NEW projects. 

So, I had this collection of a Park Avenue layer cake (by 3 Sisters, Moda) and 2 charm packs.  I found a neutral background in my stash too, so I cut the pieces for the cover quilt.
Happy Dance, I'm on my way !!!

Then when I was cleaning out a corner and I found a container with some usable scraps!  So, I guess I really do have scraps.  These are all leftovers from a quilt I made for family a few years ago.  This fabric is by Moda, it was a special printing of fabrics for the Minnesota State Shop Hop (which starts August long weekend). 

It looks like I was making HST to make a square in a square table topper.  I found some of the blocks put together!  Ok, note to (self) Lady Perfectionist, I'm not perfect! LOL

I also found my spools, a leader, ender project.  I'd like to get this at least all cut out and together in a bag, so it doesn't get lost or separated when we move.  Honest, I inherited these scraps, I'm just making good use of them, honest!

Ok, so looks like I have at least 3 (long term) Scrap Basket projects!  I think that is enough for this multi-tasker!  (plus my UFO projects on my cutting table, yikes!)
Have a great week!

Oh, before I forget, I'll draw for winners of my April Showers Mug Rug by supper tomorrow!

You can go HERE  to leave a comment to be in the drawing if you would like!

Take care, Leslie

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Showers Blog Hop, Water Lilies!

Happy Friday!
Welcome to Friday on the April Showers Blog Hop!
A big thank you to Erin and Madame Samm for organizing this for us!
The Perfectionist (go away!) in me is arguing with the Zenist (trying to keep me calm!) in me ......

I picked some cute fabrics to make some bright flowers. 
 I had tulips in my head, on a bed of green grass.....
trying to think of April showers, bring May flowers, I planned on making 4 sets of flowers, but ....
I didn't realize the smaller the Dresden petals, the more you need and the bigger the inner circle, 

(edit: 2 inch strips, made 24 petals, I think 4.5 inch circle)

but I had to keep going. 
So, as my 4 sets would not make 4 dresden flower circles.
 Ok, so I put the colours together for 2 flowers. 
Then I had to pick a colour for the centres. 
When I opened my green bin, out jumped a bright green, so I thought great, for a bed of grass! 
Enough for 2 mug rugs!
So back to looking for fabric for the centres, I thought black and white check....
But it wasn't in the bin, but wavy black fabric was, good for contrast...
No time for hand applique, I prepared for fusible centres
I put the mug rugs together, pillow case style...
laid the petal circles down
ironed down the centres
Now, Perfectionist says they are sooooo dark

So, Zenist, says, in her most calming, soothing voice.....
 think about sitting outside in a warm summer evening
near the pond in the back yard, (natural or your own design)
look at the dark blue water, long shadows across the surface
see the green leaves and stems?
Open your eyes, what do you see?
W A T E R   L I L I E S
 floating on the pond surface....
My Zen lady won out!
Now I love them!

If you leave me a comment, tell me which of my lillies you would like,
 I will send it to the luck winner!
Enjoy your day!

 Erin  has the list to visit my other friends today!
Take care, Leslie

Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to April Showers Mug Rug Blog Hop!


Welcome to the April Showers Mug Rug Blog Hop! 

Erin Our Cheerleader! has the lists for each day and all the links for you!

Me, I'm up on Friday!

See  you then!

Take care, Leslie

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday, I'm In!

Kim is leading us to work on our scrap baskets! 
We will be using Kim Brackett's book Scrap Basket Sensations.
Every Sunday, we will post our progress on emptying those scrap baskets!
For me, I have cubbies of fabrics sorted by colour, I guess, I need to cut them up into sizes needed....
Yes, It will be one more project!
Actually, I'm torn between 2 projects, a signature block and this one...
What do you think?

I have to get going on some housecleaning today, and redoing some drapes for our bedroom.
Talk to you tomorrow!
Take care, Leslie

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

In these days of renewal, I wish you Peace...

For us, life is the same...
I'm wishing seeing green grass an early arrival, but it is delayed!
Still sooo much snow.  We have had a few days of above freezing temps, the snow is melting, but it always seems soooo sloooow for me!
On my sewing front, I've made 2 sets of binding, I finished the row of apples for Lori's Row A Long
I've finished another block for my Just Takes 2 quilt.
I also started to square up the large, star block, but I guess I warped the star points, my sewing lines to join the quarters of the large block were not straight.  I tried to live with it, but I can't.  I'm going to take it apart again, resize all the blades and then put it back together.  The blades will be smaller , but I can just add to the block size.  I hope I don't have to start over again....

Enjoy your day with your family and friends and share lots of hugs!
Take care, Leslie

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BOM Rehab!

Hi There!
Well, we ducked a Big Storm!
We were to get 15-20 cm snow, but will end up with less than 10 cm, or 5 inches by midnight tonight, I think.  Our weather is scheduled to warm up to above 0 celcius or 32 degrees F. 
Yes, Spring is on the Way!  Being a Spring, Summer girl, I can't wait.
So, thanks to the benefits of vacation, I finished all my applique blocks for my Just Takes 2 quilt.
What do you think!

So, just to make the filler blocks and about 5-6 big pieced blocks.  Then, I can put it together!
A few more weeks I think.

I'm linking up with BOM Rehab, see you there!

Take care, Leslie

Saturday, March 16, 2013

International Quilting Day! Sulky BOM My Sewing Room!

Hi there!
I missed you while we were away on our wonderful vacation!  You have seen lots of pictures of Palm Springs and Palm Desert California, I am sure!
Just think, 2 weeks of turquoise skies, every day, lots of yellow sunshine, lots of green grass, Palm Trees, bushes, flowers ......   ah, bliss ...
We took a quick trip over the mountains to Oceanside California, near San Diego to see wonderful family wintering there and each way.... is Temecula!  I was able to go to the Temecula Quilt store too, and yes, spent some money!

Anyway, I am Celebrating! 
Today is International Quilting Day! 
and it is an official weekend as well. 
Yesterday, I accidently found all the links to My Sewing Room BOM by Sulky!  Michelle at Quilting Tutorials blog had posted the first block!  Then, I realized in the coding for the pdf, there was a number...

Voila!  I changed the number and was able to find each of the blocks as below!
Yes, I am doing this!
my sewing room block 1, cute, cute!
block 2
block 3
block 4
block 5
block 6
block 7
block 8
block 9
borders and quilting

Me, I am working on getting my Ready, Set, Snow Christmas quilt together!
I will be back tomorrow with pictures of my success....
Take care, Leslie

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moments Create A Long!

                     Happy Saturday!
                     Oh, it was cold this morning!
                    -35 Celcius, which is equal to -35 F!
                    Hubby's vehicle didn't want to start.....

Just wanted to share this find with you....
Liz at Moments blog, is coordinating a Create Along to encourage us to create and share what we have done during the year....

Me, my Christmas pinwheel quilt came to a big halt, we showed our house this week, so I had to pack it up!   So other than housecleaning, no progress this week to show ....

Take a moment, and see all the creativity at The Moments blog Link Up!
I'm off to the sewing room!
Take care, Leslie

Monday, January 28, 2013

Design Wall Monday!


My FIRST! Design Wall Monday!  or in my case, my Design Bed!

The fabrics are from Ready Set Snow by Sandy Gervais.  These fabrics are soooo cute!
I bought 3 charm packs after Christmas 2011, slowly worked on making half square triangles toward making pinwheels!  The background is a white, with multicoloured polka dots which match the colours in the blocks!  It is a Blank Fabric, I think it is in a line of childrens fabrics.
I would like to at least get all the flimsy done, ie columns together and an outside border of green like in the corner stones, this week, as we will be leaving on vacation next week!  Only 7 more Work Wake-Ups left!
Linking up with Design Wall Monday.  Lots to see over there!
Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!
Take care, Leslie

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi!    (pictures updated Jan 27th!)
I signed up for Friday Night Sew In and actually was able to finish 2 things!
I set as my 2013 goals, to start the Bee in My Bonnet Row Along!
I had purchased a layer cake of Flirt by Sandy Gervais on Cyber Monday, it seemed to speak to me, it wanted to be this quilt.

My friend Linda and I went to our local quilt shop, Country Cottage Quilts and she helped me pick my background fabric.  I think it is perfect!
(pic coming soon)
Here are my 1st 2 rows!  As I only have a layer cake, I started with the largest blocks, to keep the rows with the smallest pieces for the ends.
What do you think....
I am sorry I did not take more pictures, but I was outside in a t-shirt and did not realize how cold it was!
the row on the right is the Butterflies (without the top and bottom strips) and the left side is the cups, albiet upside down! 
Unfortunately, the background does not show well, it is a paprika coloured batik with small polka dots.  It made the reds in the print fabrics jump right up and say Yes!  I am here! 
You can see all the snow we have!
Have a great week,
Take care, Leslie

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cathching Up! BOM rehab!

Hi there!
Baby, it is cold outside!
Minus 30 celcius which is comparable to -30 F!
Hubby agreed to drive me into work this morning!  Good for me, cause I get to come home in a nice warm car too!
I am in BOM Rehab today, I have not been there for awhile.  Ì`ve been working on the minimal 12 inch block required to be in the Rehab, but had difficulty finishing the block, take a picture, writing a blog post all in time for the Rehab!  But today, I`m doing good!
This is the latest applique block it is 12 inches finished.  I finished a 15.5 inch Texas (or whatever it`s called!) block, you saw a picture of it in my last posting.
So, what do you think.....
(I guess I could have ironed it!)

For more  beautiful Just Takes 2 quilts, here are MORE Just Takes 2 quilt tops.... Ellie in Australia, at the Village quilters blog, sent me these pics of her top and a coworker!  You may have to scroll down if this links you to a newer blog post.
A bit of a rant....
I feel forced to go to Picasa, it is that or no pictures with my posts, makes for a dull girl....
so, to give in, I tried to download Picasa as a gadget. to make it easier to find my pictures, blogger disabled!  I downloaded the picture to Picasa 3 times.  I couldn`t add it to other pictures to have them all the same date, had to do it`s own.  So, why is it Blogger forced us to Picasa to be able to post our pictures on our blogs and then we can`t use a gadget to make a quick link, to post a picture on our blog.....

For me, time is just plugging along, only 12 more work wake ups and then we go on vacation!
Have a wonderful day!
take care, Leslie

Friday, January 11, 2013

Just Takes 2 quilt! ... progress

Hi!  I just saw these pictures of a completed top for the Just Takes 2 quilt!
It is beautiful and sooooo inspiring! 

Lori at Humble Quilts  Please go and have a look, I will wait for you to come back...

Here are a few pictures of the blocks I have done, mine need to be connected together, but there are some big applique blocks that need to be done to get it all together, I have to finish this quilt!

If you would like to look at more of these quilts, with a new cuppa, click on this link ...
MORE Just Takes 2 quilts..

me, I am drooling! LOL!

Here are some recent blocks I have finished, plus the top half of the quilt done

I was going to work on some new things and some UFOs, but I need to get this done!

Here I am completed addicted and compelled to finish this quilt all over again!
Take care, Leslie

Monday, January 7, 2013

2 great link ups! Valentine Swap and Canadian Travelling Stash

Yes, I signed up for this swap....
Sandy at Cookies and Cream craft shop in Australia has planned another great blog swap!
I participated with her on the Zippy Bag swap and she was great to work with.

But the good news is I already have the perfect project, I just need to quilt it and wait for my partner!
So, finish a UFO and gift it to a wonderful person!
I am excited!
You can click on the link above to sign up before Jan 10, and mail out to be received by Feb 14.
For me, I will be on vacation by then, so another win-win!

Big Drum Roll ........

Maria at Clothes and Craft blog and I have started an all Canadian Travelling Stash Treasure Chest!  She has it now and has added some great stuff.  You just have to live in Canada and go over and see Maria to leave a comment for a chance to win! 

I was jealous of all the great stuff in the treasures now roaming the USA, but could not participate because I live in Canada.  So I decided to gather up what I would like to give away and Maria was the 1st to be intersted!

I put in lots of fabric, notions to make a bag, some patterns, some gifts for Quilters....
I am going to jump over to see what is new!  See you there!
Take care, Leslie