Saturday, March 16, 2013

International Quilting Day! Sulky BOM My Sewing Room!

Hi there!
I missed you while we were away on our wonderful vacation!  You have seen lots of pictures of Palm Springs and Palm Desert California, I am sure!
Just think, 2 weeks of turquoise skies, every day, lots of yellow sunshine, lots of green grass, Palm Trees, bushes, flowers ......   ah, bliss ...
We took a quick trip over the mountains to Oceanside California, near San Diego to see wonderful family wintering there and each way.... is Temecula!  I was able to go to the Temecula Quilt store too, and yes, spent some money!

Anyway, I am Celebrating! 
Today is International Quilting Day! 
and it is an official weekend as well. 
Yesterday, I accidently found all the links to My Sewing Room BOM by Sulky!  Michelle at Quilting Tutorials blog had posted the first block!  Then, I realized in the coding for the pdf, there was a number...

Voila!  I changed the number and was able to find each of the blocks as below!
Yes, I am doing this!
my sewing room block 1, cute, cute!
block 2
block 3
block 4
block 5
block 6
block 7
block 8
block 9
borders and quilting

Me, I am working on getting my Ready, Set, Snow Christmas quilt together!
I will be back tomorrow with pictures of my success....
Take care, Leslie


  1. That sewing wallhanging is just darling!! Thank you so much for posting the pdf links. I've saved them with plans to work on this one in the near future. :) Happy Quilting Day and Happy St. Paddy's day too.

  2. Aren't you clever! Since it's the 2013 BOM, their webpage only has links to March so far. Here >
    I plan to do this one too. It will look great in the sewing room.

  3. What fun projects. Glad you found all the links. Thanks for sharing. Such a cute design.

    I'm busy stitching up a storm in my sewing room, but certainly thinking of you while I'm sewing. I hope you are also having a wonderful day.


  4. Thank you for the links to this very cute pattern! I have saved it and hope to make it!

  5. Love the Get Ready Snow quilt. It will be wonderful when its finished. You're going to be busy.

  6. This is amazing, thanks for doing all the leg work and sharing the links :)

  7. I was looking for this type of pattern a year and a half ago when I was making a sewing themed quilt for a silent auction. Had to come up with something on my own, which was similar. I like this one better! Might have to make this one for myself : ) !

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  9. Thank you for sharing the block links. This is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect colors and blocks are amazing

  10. Thank you SO much for your lovely pattern! X

  11. Many thanks for the links for the lovely dressmaking pattern. Been looking for something like this for a long time. Yours looks beautiful well done.



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