Monday, April 13, 2015

Sad News.....

I am sorry, but I have been and will be away for awhile.
My husband passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago and I am busy looking after details.
Thank you in advance for your love and support and kind words.
Take care, Leslie

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tree Birds Blog Hop.... meeeeet Elvis!

Good Morning!  Bright and sunny day for my pet....
Rooster!  Here is Elvis and of course, his ladies!

He has a bright Dresen Plate sunshine for him to crow loudly about the second day of this blog hop!

Thank you to Lana  and of course Madame Samm ....
Here are the other "Hens" waiting for you to visit and share the love
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Elvis, of course, did everything he could to keep all us chickens in line.... LOL!

So, this is basically my design.... I used THIS design by Julie Lynch from Benartex Fabrics, called Jaunty Rooster for Elvis.  Then I used Crown In The Corner blocks to frame the hens.  At first I thought they were roosters, and they were to bring Elvis, the King, his crown!
Elvis is machine applique with rayon thread and blanket stitches in a Quilt As You Go technique.
In the farm yard, dirt and bird seed are scattered around in four patch formation!

I have a neck injury and it took me a few months to get this far.  I do not have any other projects completed, but I have 7 other hen blocks, they might go toward some cushions....

I also paper pieced this hen house.  I was going to fit into a corner, but I think I will make it into a mug mat!.

These items are going to a lady I recently met who loves, loves chickens and roosters!  She has them scattered throughout her home and garden.

Take care, Leslie

Saturday, February 28, 2015

TWINS ! Lovely Year of Finishes

So great to meet a goal!  Sure makes one feel like you can do anything!  LOL!  I will be linking with ALYOF HERE!

I finished my runner!  Ok, maybe make a teenager clean their room vs small country takeover!

It took me a while, in short bursts to get the quilting don.  Then about 30 minutes to put the binding on.  A few evenings of TV, voila!

My goal for March is along the same theme...
I have 2 baby quilts, I was going to give it to a new mom with twins, but did not get them done, lost my momentum....

So, here is my goal, get this one quilted and binding on!  Maybe I will be able to sell on consignment at a local baby shop.  Brier curling on this week, so if I can get this quilted between games, I can get the binding on by playoff weekend?!

Keep warm where ever you are!

Take care, Leslie

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sew Sister Bundle Bonanza Sale!

I am working away on my UFOs, glad to say I will be making my goal for the month!
Just a small runner to be quilted and bound, but will be done!  Three more days left in the month, right!?!
As you see in the right side bar, I joined The Bee Hive, a monthly block swap where the Queen Bee, or recipient of the month, receives a 12.5 in block of their choice.  Wonderful opportunity, but this old lady is severely challenged by the use of modern fabrics!  I thought I would be able to use up more of my stash, but not to Bee!  LOL!
So I was browsing on my fav online quilt shops as my closest quilt shop is over 150 miles or 220 km away.  But I get caught up in taxes, high shipping costs, exchange on Canada vs USA dollar and then customs fees.  Sometimes these extras cost more than the fabric I am buying, on sale!  So, I give up!

I found SEW SISTERS,  an online quilt shop in Southern Ontario.  Ureka!  lots of modern fabrics, some on clearance, but then I found out they are having a Fat Quarter bundle sale of $2 each, packaged in a variety of small bundles. Works for me!  Great selection, but hurry!

Sorry, I give up!  I cannot share pictures!!!!

Have a wonderful day!
Take care, Leslie

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grow Your Blog Winner!

Happy Heart Day!

I promised a gifty to a winner for my Grow Your Blog hop....

I think you have all waited long enough to know who won!

Yes, I am trying to build some suspense...... (Organ music here!)

I asked you to let me know where you live, I am fascinated with this, so many interesting places in the world to visit.....

So, for the next time I am in the area....

I hope to visit here....

Maybe Island off Vancouver Island!  Alexis of Cob Cottage Craft ( lives on a lovely farm!  She has sheep, horses and chickens!  It looks from the pictures she also dies and spins her own wool yarn for knitting!  I am thinking a small ferry ride, hopefully from Nanaimo or Lantsville will take me there!

Anyway, Alexis here is a picture again of your prize!

I will get it in the mail to you as soon as I get your snail mail address back!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with those your love!

Take care, Leslie

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keeping in Touch With all of YOU!

Hi there!  How are you?
I hope those of you affected by snow storms or rain storms are coming through to sunshine with minimal difficulty!
I have been plugging along, so slowly, but every step forward is progress, right?!
I finished the first block and sent it off for the Bee Jive monthly block exchange.  I really like the block, very straight forward.

I also found fabric in my stash from a previous swap for solid fabrics!  I am using those for the All People Quilt magazine   Go Four It Quilt Along.  Are you participating?  You only need to work on your own, or others if you prefer and can inspire them.  I guess any new or existing project using 4 patches, or the basic block to build from counts!
I am using this design by Edita Sitar!  The pieces seem very small, even at 96 blocks and then vertical sashing, but we shall see!

Remember to leave a comment below on the Grow Your Blog giveaway post.  My Giveaway prize is for 6 batik fat quarters!

Happy Quilting and have a wonderful week!  we are expecting 4-5 inches of snow today, so quilting time for me!
Take care, Leslie

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Goal Lovely Year of Finishes!

Happy February!
Pre-post:  link to gallery is here with Shanna not Melissa, sorry!
So, today, I am trying to get in the groove and link up to get some UFOs caught up!
As it is Happy Heart and Love month, I should get this runner done so it looks like it's sister!
I found it at the bottom of a bin, I spray basted it during a nice Fall day, so next steps are the quilting and binding!
As I have to go forward in small steps, this should work!
This is my To Do

Here is it's sister, finished at least in 2003!

Hey, no butt kicking, I am doing enough of my own! LOL!

Be sure to go back and see Melissa  at Bittersweet Designs blog, to see the other quilters who have signed-up (cough, cough confessed....) to see what they are wanting to do!

PS:   If you haven't already, please go by my Grow Your Blog post below! PSSST!  There is a giveaway prize, and if you have stopped by, then please use the link back to see the other blogs needing new friends!

Have a Wonderful Day!
Take care, Leslie