Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Goal Lovely Year of Finishes!

Happy February!
Pre-post:  link to gallery is here with Shanna not Melissa, sorry!
So, today, I am trying to get in the groove and link up to get some UFOs caught up!
As it is Happy Heart and Love month, I should get this runner done so it looks like it's sister!
I found it at the bottom of a bin, I spray basted it during a nice Fall day, so next steps are the quilting and binding!
As I have to go forward in small steps, this should work!
This is my To Do

Here is it's sister, finished at least in 2003!

Hey, no butt kicking, I am doing enough of my own! LOL!

Be sure to go back and see Melissa  at Bittersweet Designs blog, to see the other quilters who have signed-up (cough, cough confessed....) to see what they are wanting to do!

PS:   If you haven't already, please go by my Grow Your Blog post below! PSSST!  There is a giveaway prize, and if you have stopped by, then please use the link back to see the other blogs needing new friends!

Have a Wonderful Day!
Take care, Leslie


  1. No butt-kicking from here! I've got UFOs from the 90's.It's all good. :) This is a sweet one - perfect pick for February ALYF.

  2. Oh wonderful!!! You could link at the end of the month to the Binding Blitz!!!


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