Monday, January 21, 2013

Cathching Up! BOM rehab!

Hi there!
Baby, it is cold outside!
Minus 30 celcius which is comparable to -30 F!
Hubby agreed to drive me into work this morning!  Good for me, cause I get to come home in a nice warm car too!
I am in BOM Rehab today, I have not been there for awhile.  Ì`ve been working on the minimal 12 inch block required to be in the Rehab, but had difficulty finishing the block, take a picture, writing a blog post all in time for the Rehab!  But today, I`m doing good!
This is the latest applique block it is 12 inches finished.  I finished a 15.5 inch Texas (or whatever it`s called!) block, you saw a picture of it in my last posting.
So, what do you think.....
(I guess I could have ironed it!)

For more  beautiful Just Takes 2 quilts, here are MORE Just Takes 2 quilt tops.... Ellie in Australia, at the Village quilters blog, sent me these pics of her top and a coworker!  You may have to scroll down if this links you to a newer blog post.
A bit of a rant....
I feel forced to go to Picasa, it is that or no pictures with my posts, makes for a dull girl....
so, to give in, I tried to download Picasa as a gadget. to make it easier to find my pictures, blogger disabled!  I downloaded the picture to Picasa 3 times.  I couldn`t add it to other pictures to have them all the same date, had to do it`s own.  So, why is it Blogger forced us to Picasa to be able to post our pictures on our blogs and then we can`t use a gadget to make a quick link, to post a picture on our blog.....

For me, time is just plugging along, only 12 more work wake ups and then we go on vacation!
Have a wonderful day!
take care, Leslie


  1. This block was a fun one to do and yours looks fabulous. Glad that you liked my and Nancy's finished quilts.

  2. What a neat block! I use Firefox and haven't had any problem uploading photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. Cool block.

    Just a FYI. You can still upload photos from your computer to Blogger. In the post window, click on the HTML tab. Then click on the photo icon. You can then browse the files on your computer and upload them. I will admit, I've switched to Google Chrome to avoid the issues with Explorer.


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