Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Confession Time!

Yes, I am confessing, I guess part of coming clean, starting anew....
1.  I am addicted to my Just Takes 2 quilt.  I am up to block 60ish.  I keep putting it away, then finding pages I have out to cut fabrics for a new block, or fabrics to cut up for a new block....
2.  I started a Pinwheel Christmas quilt with Get Ready Snow charm packs, I have all the blocks made, I just have to lay them out, get the sashing on and get it together
3.  I have a few blocks of this Vintage Sampler flower quilt by Reese at Morning Glory Designs Reese, I really like it, have a box of fabrics all ready to go.  These are Jenny Beyer left overs, I want to use.  I guess I have to get these kitted up
4.  Finish my Cottage Quilt blocks and quilt by Shabby Fabrics Quilt shop.  I have about 5 blocks done.  These are all hand applique.  With all my other applique projects, I know, I know ...
5.  I also have to get going on a sew along project with my friend Linda.  She has about half of her square in a square blocks done.  I have my fabrics picked, in a container and started cutting the other night.
6.  I have to get started on this... Benjamin Franklin by Erik Homemade eZine
I have all the fabrics, new American Banner Rose fabric by Minick and Simpson
7.  Of course, I want to work on this, I have some layer cakes I bought during Cyber Monday sales
Lori Holt Bee In My Bonnet Row Along
8. Kaaren at the Painted Quilt tells us her Quilting Guild is doing a Mystery Quilt.  Darlene has designed this quilt, you can read about it HERE .
9.  This new BOM sounds interesting too, you make 10 different blocks, but 2 at a time .... You can click on the link below for more info

10.  I also found out about this BOM from Sulky, My Sewing Room

I am definately doing this one!

11.  If  you are still holding out and able to resist starting a new BOM, Michele at Quilting Tutorials blog Michele at Quilting Tutorials blog is building a list of new BOMs, I will be watching for more to share!
Talk with you soon, I have so much to get organized!
Take care, Leslie


  1. You sure have lots of projects lined up! I love the Sewing Room and will have to check it out.

  2. That is a long list. Just Takes 2 looks fantastic when it is all together so keep on with it. I'm going to check out the Sisters 10 BOM... I shouldn't but I'm going to!

  3. That's a pretty good list! I might be able to match it if I would dig around in my quilting closet a while. I have quite a few things going and just signed up for a BOM of hand appliquéd tiny baskets (12 per month). What was I thinking! I need to make a priority list.

  4. Wow Leslie that should keep you busy for the next couple of months!!


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