Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday 1!

Good Morning!

I've been good.  I THINK I don't really have scraps, I have a stash.
I THINK guess I use up my scraps as I go.  Or maybe I discard larger pieces than others would.  I usually discard pieces of fabric under 1.5 inch strips.  I THINK I'm not a person who would make 1.5 or 2 inch squares just because I could.  I find, thread is expensive and I like to move onto NEW projects. 

So, I had this collection of a Park Avenue layer cake (by 3 Sisters, Moda) and 2 charm packs.  I found a neutral background in my stash too, so I cut the pieces for the cover quilt.
Happy Dance, I'm on my way !!!

Then when I was cleaning out a corner and I found a container with some usable scraps!  So, I guess I really do have scraps.  These are all leftovers from a quilt I made for family a few years ago.  This fabric is by Moda, it was a special printing of fabrics for the Minnesota State Shop Hop (which starts August long weekend). 

It looks like I was making HST to make a square in a square table topper.  I found some of the blocks put together!  Ok, note to (self) Lady Perfectionist, I'm not perfect! LOL

I also found my spools, a leader, ender project.  I'd like to get this at least all cut out and together in a bag, so it doesn't get lost or separated when we move.  Honest, I inherited these scraps, I'm just making good use of them, honest!

Ok, so looks like I have at least 3 (long term) Scrap Basket projects!  I think that is enough for this multi-tasker!  (plus my UFO projects on my cutting table, yikes!)
Have a great week!

Oh, before I forget, I'll draw for winners of my April Showers Mug Rug by supper tomorrow!

You can go HERE  to leave a comment to be in the drawing if you would like!

Take care, Leslie


  1. The charity shops here in the UK take donations of scrap fabrics (they call them rag bags) which they can sell for recycling. It's only a small amount they get, but it's better than me just chucking my scraps in the bin! Any larger bits that I'm just not going to use I put in a separate bag and give them to the local quilting group. I still have two baskets of scraps though, but at least I'm trying :)

  2. Great scrappy projects. At the moment all my scraps are stuffed in drawer. One day I'll get a few scrappy projects going.

  3. Pretty projects, Leslie! And it looks like a manageable amount, too!

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  5. Recycling.
    Very economical.
    I support you.

  6. I think you should try A again! I'd like to make a pair this summer, although it's pretty scary. But you've had so much success lately that I bet you'd knock 'em out of the park! I like the top pair, in particular.

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