Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Brief Goodbye...

Hi there!
I will be suspending my blog for awhile...
1. Goggle Reader is gone, and I do not whatnot to go with some of the other Readers as I do not want to use anything associated with Facebook.  I just don't like it, I guess trust it would be the right word...
2.  I am having surgery in less than 2 weeks and my activities, including sewing, for awhile.
3.  I do not have much to show right now with house selling, cleaning, etc
4.  I am getting spam comments, so I want to stop that too!
I tried and tried to upload some clip art, but the IPad can't seem to do it...
I will be watching from afar....
Yes, I will be back when I can, if there is any news!
I will miss you lots,
Take care, Leslie

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Tammy Bag, My Turn! Two Bags of Gold!

Good Morning!
Welcome to Day 2 on the Tammy Bag Blog Hop!
Samm, this is such a wonderful pattern, thank you so much for letting me participate!
When I saw Samm's posting about why she designed the bag, to find her scissors, of course, and then the pictures, why I had to make one too!  When you sew and quilt, including hand sewing, for me, needleturn applique, a Tammy Bag is a must have accessory!
So, I purchased 2 handle sets from The Bag Lady, or Man, in my case, that is whom I spoke with to ensure I was getting the correct set of handles.  Then I started one bag, and decided, well of course, I needed to make 2!  My favorite things about the bags are their size, very easy to put into a tote bag, take into the car and the easy to access pockets, both inside and out!
While in the San Francisco area a few years ago, I found a set of half yard bundles, in a very pretty yellow, gold, peach colour grouping, and when I was looking through my stash for the right fabrics to match my gold coloured handles, I knew I had the right grouping.
So, without any further ado, here are my 2 bags!  Yes, my photography skills are terrible!
You will notice one is a little different from the other. 
This is the first one I made.  I had a lot of pulling and tugging to get the rounded edge into the square handle.  So I thought, with the next one, I would adjust the top edge to avoid the rounded edge into the square handle.  I know, sounds a lot like a round peg into a square hole!
Today, when I was looking at the other bags and postings, I realize I must have purchased the wrong handles!  Everyone else seemed to have the rounded handle, not the square ones like I have.  Oh, well, I think they look great!
They hold so much too!  For me, 2 sets of applique projects.
I added white, thin ric rac and a large gold button to match, to attach my scissors to, as Samm gives this as an option in her pattern for purchase.  I'm not sure if you can see the scissors in the front pocket.  You will also notice the upper edges attached into the handles seems to stand up straight.  I altered the pattern by adding these pieces so they would fit easily into the square handle frame, but unfortunately now, it is harder to get into the bag, despite the generous opening Samm designed into the pattern.  As well, this bag is made with a firmer fusible interfacing, so it helps it to stand up more.
This one also has an applique project, a needle case, some thread and my camera!
This is the first bag I made and doesn't have the lace on the outside pocket, and the pockets are a little different on the inside.  This one is made with the fusible fleece, so I think that is why it is softer. 
 This one has a small cushion I use to wrap up my applique background, prevents wrinkling and a fold.  You can see my project. it is approximately 18 x 24 inches, plus my thread.  I made a small ruffle with some hemming lace (I used this stuff when I was making my own clothes, for my hems, so they laid flat and protected the unfinished edge).   My scissors are in the outside pocket, again attached to the thin white ric rac and the large gold button!
Hey, I have 2 bags of Gold! 
Yesterday, there were several clever ladies who made matching needle cases, pin cushions, small bags for change, an electronic gadget case, etc.  I will see what I can put together from my leftover fabrics and add to the bag later!
Sorry, no giveaway this time around. 
This is the list of the other Tammy Bags for today! 
Be sure to drop by and say Hi!

Les (Yup, that's me!)

Have a great day!  Take care, Leslie

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Winners of Say It With Flowers! mug mats

Good Morning!

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes, I had a wonderful day at home!

I selected the winners on Monday evening.

Elizabeth Coughlin of Elizabeth Coughlin Designs.  She offered a really cute flower pincushion, what a wonderful prize! 
And Carol of Just Sew Quilter.  Carol, I left a comment on your blog as you are a no reply blogger!

Have a great week!
Take care, Leslie