Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Small Quilts by Kathleen Tracy

Hi!  Happy Wednesday!
I found a new website and blog on the weekend.  Kathleen Tracy has 4 books out, her last one is Civil War Sewing Circle.  I bought the book from Martingale a while ago.  I'm so glad I did.  Lots of quick, little quilts and projects in there!
She is promoting a year of Small Quilts using quilts designs in her 4 books using a weekly Quilt Along. If you go HERE, there are pictures of the first one.
As I didn't have the book with this pattern I didn't make that one.  I found some free patterns on her website County Lake Quilts, so I made the free pattern.  I could have used my math skills to make a Small Quilt exactly like Kathleen's, but I didn't.  I joined the Yahoo Group to see some of the future patterns until I can collect the books!
I used fabric scraps sitting on my cutting table to make my Small Quilt.  I pieced the 9 patch strips Sunday evening, and then did all of the rest of the sewing last evening.  Just the borders left to do, but I started making dumb mistakes, so I quit for the night.
What do you think?

I'm going to link up at a few blogs!  Then I'm going to finish the green and pink print borders!
I think this Friday is Friday Nite Sew In !!!
I'm planning on getting my Civil War Quilt top together!
Oh, a little late, but I just found Val Laird has a new BOM too, cute little applique with embroidery.  You can find more about it HERE!
So much for my UFO list!  And my Want To Make list!
Talk with you later!
Take care, Leslie


  1. I love the Thoughts in Threads quilt. I downloaded all the patterns for her last BOM and never made any of them. But I think I'll download this one too, in case I have some time :) Love your mini quilt. Wonderful colours!

  2. Very cute mini quilt ,pretty colors.

  3. I really like the fabrics you have sitting on your cutting table. You did a great job on your little quilt. I like your border choices too. And, I'm planning to go look at Val Laird's site next. Thanks for sharing it.


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