Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Quilt!

This is late on sooo many levels!  Oh well!
First, I participated in the Accessory Bag Swap with Nicole from BC Canada, who has a blog, but I was unable to find out what it is.
These are the lovely gifts she sent me!  I love them!  In my perfect favourite blue colours, there were 2 bags!  Perfectly crafted!  And, they were stuffed full!  I'm going to use them for my applique stuff when we travel!
pretty red headed pins, tiny red valentine buttons, a very sweet Fat 8 bundle, I couldn't wait to open!  It kept calling me, for real!  Even more than the wonderful Lindst chocolate hearts!
That cute little bundle had 8 different fabrics, and with my cutting for the HSTs, I cut too many, so I made 2 of these, you have seen them previously.  Then I got a brain wave to make a complicated (at 9 pm, I thought it was going to be easy!) border which ended up using ALOT of the fabric I had left.  I was able to piece enough together to make these cute borders.  The dark red inner border was fabric I had to add.
There are yoyo flowers with cute little white buttons (sorry Nicole, if I used the buttons you gifted me, they wouldn't show!) and green ric rac for the flower stems.
This is going to our youngest son and his NEW FIANCEE!  and Miss Ivy! Lots of love in their house and we are soooo happy!  But I don't have an updated picture of them!
I wish I could send you all over to Nicole's blog, but I have no info.
This is what I sent her!  She left colour and fabric preferences to me....
Then one bright sunny Saturday morning, there were a group of fabrics on my cutting table.  The Light Bulb went on!  I just went with the flow and what the fabric invited me to do!  So I made my own fabric with narrow strips.
I had enough to make this cute (I think) petite walking bag and 2 little zippy bags.  The little one I am hoping is like a HumBug bag, and the other is like a pencil case, but I thought would be perfect for holding a rotary cutter to workshops!  I added some chocolate too and 2 pretty little flower pots of lip balm!  I thought they would make some really cute magnets for the fridge or a message board later on!
I wanted to share the shoulder strap for the hand bag.  I had a plain twill tape when I bought some Christmas fabric from Moda.  Plain kahki colour.  But I wanted something to match, but no more fabric to make a strap... I had a brain wave to find an embroidery stitch on my machine and then embroidered the strap!  Looks like I paid to get that doesn't it?
Gotta get to work!
Take care, Leslie


  1. Wow....that is some swap...and some lovely quilt..

  2. I've yet to do a swap. Yours sounds fun!


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